The Tucson Second Chance Community Bail Fund (TSCCBF) is supported by a pool of money established through grassroots fundraising. As cases are resolved and bonds are released, those funds can then be used to assist new defendants in need.

We do not ask for anything
in exchange for bail assistance.

At present, TSCCBF can only pay bail for individuals who are arrested in Pima County and facing a cash bail of $2,500 or less. If these parameters apply to you or someone you care about, and you need assistance with posting bail, please send an email to:

Write “Bailout Fund Application” in the subject field.

In the body of the email please include the following information:

1. Incarcerated person’s full legal name (first, last, middle name).
2. Date of birth.
3. Social Security Number.
4. Booking number.
5. Are they in pre-trial detention? How long have they been in custody?
6. Were they arrested on a warrant for failing to appear in court?
7. Are they a resident of Tucson? If so, for how long?
8. Are they a non-Tucson resident or out-of-state-resident? If so, where do they live? How long have they been in Tucson?
9. What are their charges? Are the charges felonies or misdemeanors?
10. Do they have an attorney? If so, please provide the attorney’s name and contact information.
11. Amount of cash bail set by the court?
12. Amount of cash bail requested?
13. Are they a custodial parent of minor children? If so, how old are the children?
14. Are they a primary caregiver? If so, what is their relationship to their dependent?
15. When is their next scheduled court date?
16. Is there anything else we should know about their circumstances?
17. Please provide a reliable way to contact them so we can provide reminders about future court appearances if the bond out of jail
18. Please provide the name and contact information of a person who can verify the information you’ve submitted to TSCCBF for review.